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A Few Words About Agile Balkans

Who We Are?

Vision: We created Agile Balkans with a vision to unite various agility learning experiences across all our countries, to collaborate, brainstorm, and create new values

Mission: We strive to become a vibrant organization that improves working conditions, delivers business goals, and creates value for customers in various stages of their agile development. 

Goals: Deliver knowledge on various Agile and Enterprise Agility practices for global market leaders in the Balkan region, including Coaches, Programm Managers, Senior Managers, Directors, and Scrum Practitioners by providing a global collaborative experience to the region. 

A Few Words About Agile Balkans


Irena is founder of Agilebalkans, a brand new startup community that envisions bringing people from the Balkans closer, through various activities, training options and enterprise agility courses. Irena helps Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, and Change Leaders, gain immersive knowledge, models, and tools on Enterprise Agility so that they can successfully prepare Organizations to become more resilient and ready for Exponential Markets. She is highly skilled in business development, implementing scrum/agile while working with many clients along the way. She has a unique teaching style to empower and energize her students and to become the next generation of change leaders in their organizations, or future professional endeavors.

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Certified Scrum Product Owner

Certified ScrumMaster

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A Few Words About Agile Balkans Partners

Official training partner

Irena P. Krivosheeva has become an Official Enterprise Agility University partner and trainer at https://enterpriseagility.university/. Irena will be holding the Enterprise Agility training program, starting from May 2021. As a University trainer and partner,  the University ensures to have the best tools for giving a high-quality training program and make sure every participant receives only the best possible eknowledge.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the Balkans region, for larger, mid-sized, or start-up companies, who would like to introduce change in their organization, to understand the path to this journey and grasp new opportunities while facing exponential change, or any other change related to the fast-paced environment with the complete digitalization of processes.
Program managers, Senior Managers, Directors, and various Change Agents such as Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Lead roles in various sectors of larger organizations, can benefit from the Enterprise Agility Training program.

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