How did you find out about the Enterprise Agility foundations Programme?

Toby: In 2019, Erich had asked me to write an official review for the Audio Version of ‘Leading Exponential Change’. I had read the book cover to cover to review it and loved the book. Fast forward to 2021, Erich invited me to become an official Partner. I was thrilled to know that the course draws a lot from his wonderful book.

What made you decide to join this program, as an agile coach, consultant, change leader?

Toby: As an Agile Transformation consultant and an Enterprise Agile coach I have always wondered why there is no established body of knowledge around change management. It was a wide gap that needed to be filled. The People side of change was getting ignored in transformation. When I learned about this course, it immediately appealed to me and I wasted no time in signing up!

What is this program about? How do you collaborate inside this program?

This program aims to address two major gaps that exist in many organizations today. 

The first is around ‘Effective Change Management. Agile coaches, organizational leaders, senior management, and executives may have experience in other areas of transformation but are typically not trained or experienced in Organizational change management. This results in major gaps in strategic planning and tactical execution. The curated frameworks and models of this program can help the above challenges very effectively. These also play well with older models such as ADKAR, John Cotter’s 8, etc.

The second problem is ‘The lack of Holistic Enterprise Transformation’. Leaders focus way more on Process and Technology and overlook other critical areas. The Program shows how to apply 5 different types of Agility to create a real holistic transformation. Using these five in an integrated manner improves Enterprise Agility at a faster speed.

What is your feedback on the program design and pedagogy?

I really like the way this program is designed in a modular and pragmatic manner. The pedagogy takes a very collaborative and engaging approach, which creates a richer learning experience. I particularly appreciate that the training material is universal and not developed by each individual training partner. This helps create a global standard and helps students in adding on courses in the future. The content and teaching material are based on research and real experiences, and not your run-of-the-mill classic agile stuff. I definitely learned a lot, and am already using the knowledge! I also love the collaboration platform , which fits perfectly with the pedagogy.

What did you find unique to this program?

Toby: The course is a Swiss Army knife of Change management and Enterprise Agility practices! The scientific approach to change management is a key differentiator. The neuroscience and social science based approaches in this realm are groundbreaking and will bring immense impact to Organizations.

Finally, would you recommend this program and why?

Yes, I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who plans, leads, supports Organizational development, change management, and transformation. This course provides a plethora of critical ideas, approaches, tools, and frameworks that can catalyze results in your organization. 

What I don’t recommend it for beginner intermediate and junior staff to attend this course, as some of the foundational concepts and ideas used would be difficult to internalize sans professional maturity.

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