Interview with Dr. Sandra Weppler, Google PM, Change Consultant, Cloud Architect     

Eau/Agilebalkans: Major reasons for  joining this programme & what were your expectations?  

Sandra Weppler:  I joined the program because the course was different from any other with science involved. I enjoyed the community and I had a great firsthand experience with Irena from the beginning even before the course started.

Eau/Agilebalkans: What did you like the most from this programme ? 

Sandra Weppler: All of the models and how they are attached to neuroscience. Also the continuous support I got from Irena. 

Eau/Agilebalkans: Is there something about this change management programme that you strongly believe can provide maximum value to any participant ?  

Sandra Weppler: I think you learn so many great concepts and tactics that you can use at a company and personally as well. 

Eau/Agilebalkans: your personal experience as a director and founder,  from learning from this programme ? 

Sandra Weppler: As a Founder of Britsparrow, I did this course so that I could transfer this great knowledge to organizations that are going through exponential change and need to have a lot of their mindsets challenged. This program will do this exactly. 

Eau/Agilebalkans: After some time, as you have gone through the programme, is there anything from the programe that you have found useful or you have been using so far in terms of models, techniques or tools?  

Sandra Weppler:  Reframing is very powerful and I am already trying to use this.

Eau/Agilebalkans: What was your overall experience with Irena as a trainer? 

Sandra Weppler: Phenomenal. She is committed, flexible and ensures that we are successful. I have not had a trainer/coach like this before and I have been in Learning & Development for over 20 years.

Eau/Agilebalkans: On a scale from 1-5, how satisfied are you with the programme pedagogy and execution ? 

Sandra Weppler:   Very satisfied. 

Eau/Agilebalkans: Would you join another programme from the Enterprise Agility University soon? 

Sandra Weppler:   Yes 

Eau/Agilebalkans: Would you like to be included in both EAU and agilebalkans official testimonial pages about the Certified Change consultant programme? 

We thank you for all your relevant and cincere answers and hope to hear from you soon! 

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