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Eau/Agilebalkans: Why did you decide to join the program & what were your expectations?  

Boban: If we want to make smooth transitions from one organization model into another we must  create managers who are creative, innovative with a full spectrum of imagination as well as create people that will increase the imaginations of others in the organization. To create and implement original ideas, to create simplified business concepts, breaking hard and large efforts into small pieces to make the end results more attainable. Creating an environment where employees can think outside the box. 

Eau/Agilebalkans: What did you like the most from the program ? 

Boban:  Besides the innovative content and the important topics covered, it was presented in a very professional manner with great skillful presenters and mentors. Interactive program with solving problems on real everyday cases. This is a must for every manager who wants to lead in today’s ever changing environment. 

Eau/Agilebalkans: Is there something about this change management program that you strongly believe can provide maximum value to any participant ? 

Boban: After every class I was able to choose from the different methods I can use in managing the changes of the organization and increase the creative potential of the employees. Make everyone aware of the possibilities to adapt to changes

Eau/Agilebalkans: your personal experience as a bank director and group department lead,  from learning from this program ? 

Boban: The definition of ‘’luck’’ for me is the place where preparation meets the opportunities. Different opportunities constantly arise around us and this program is great preparation for embracing such possibilities. 

Eau/Agilebalkans: After some time, as you have gone through the program, is there anything from the program that you have found useful or you have been using so far in terms of models, techniques or tools?  

Boban: Sustainable change tactics – especially using micro habits when the motivational level is very low. How to create habits that will improve your life while increasing the good habits and removing the bad habits. Meanwhile it inspired me to read additional literature, Atomic Habits from James Clear and further improve this tactic by 4 principles: Cue-make it obvious, craving make it attractive, response-make it easy and reward – make it satisfying. Reframing Mental agility – exponential markets show growth in many industries facing digitalization and the companies will find it difficult to adapt if employees have low levels of mental agility.

Eau/Agilebalkans: What was your overall experience with Irena as a trainer? 

Boban: Irena delivered an influential and inspirational presentation and mentoring. Creative ways of bringing the best of the program to the everyday job activities of the participants. Change management will be brought to you while she is practicing it during the program showing how you ‘’practice what you preach’’.

Eau/Agilebalkans: On a scale from 1-5, how satisfied are you with the program pedagogy and execution? 

Boban: 5

Eau/Agilebalkans: Would you join another program from the Enterprise Agility University soon? 

Boban: Looking forward what they have to offer. Meanwhile actively participating the Enterprise Agility World Conference and what they have to offer under the leadership of Eric Buhler

Eau/Agilebalkans: Would you like to be included in both EAU and agilebalkans official testimonial pages about the Certified Change consultant program? 

Boban: Yes.

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