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EAU: We hope you enjoyed the training and appreciate your feedback so that we can continue to help you in your journey; 

If you were asked to rate the course on a scale of 1-10

(1 = Not that perfect and 10 = Perfect)

What mark would you use? 

ILIE: I would use 9 

EAU: Is there anything you liked about the course alot: 

ILIE: What I liked about the course is: “ the new perspectives discussed and the holistic approach of changing a system” 

EAU: If it weren’t perfect for me, what would make it a perfect 10 is . . .

ILIE: A longer duration of the program

How satisfied were you from the: 


1 (Les Perfect)




5 (Perfect)

EAU: How related was the content to my needs?

ILIE: perfect

EAU: How easy was it to understand?

ILIE: perfect

EAU: How perfect was the content and the class?

ILIE: perfect

EAU: How did I like the exercises?

ILIE: almost perfect 

EAU: This is the framework or technique that I would use straight away after my training:

ILIE: I would use the BOIS model; ELSA model ;and Microhabits Delivery

EAU: I believe the performance of the trainer was…

ILIE: very good, perfect

EAU: I believe the knowledge of the trainer was…

ILIE: almost perfect, perfect

EAU: I feel the pace of the course was…

ILIE: just right

EAU: Summarize in 2 lines what makes this course special for you and why it was useful:

ILIE: I think this course offers fresh perspectives and also overlapping of neuroscience with change management theories. It also offers clarity related to different complex topics as Agility, Complexity, Social Systems and Behaviors.

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