Scrum Fundamentals


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Scrum Fundamentals 2day training

Day 1

    1. Principles of Agile and Scrum; 
    2. Empirical process control (Transparency, inspection and Adaptation); 
    3. Practical understanding of the scrum values, scrum ceremonies, scrum roles, scrum artifacts, estimation games, SDLC, 
    4. Scrum for team of developers (TBD);

Day 2

  1. Importance of all members of the scrum team; (how to bring more and new value inside a team);
  2. Sprint Backlog – who can boost team productivity and guide team towards a common goal;(practical example)
  3. Estimation techniques and what is estimation in core, practical work with an example backlog, user stories, prioritization;
  4. Importance of all ceremonies and what value do they bring in the team
  5. Jira & Confluence usage in scrum teams, and the usage of burndown & burnup charts and cumulative flow diagrams
  6. Four stages of adopting agile/Tuckman
  7. Latest changes in the Scrum guide (2020);

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